Mao Shan Wang Promotions

MSW Promotions (Mao Shan Wang From Direct from Malaysia)

Dun say BOh JIO During this year National Day due to the COVID-19 situation and over harvest on our MSW aka Mao Shang Wang we are going to give customer the crazy offer on 09-08-20 on this Huat Day our special price at $12/kg with Quality 100% Guarantee Authentic if you like and share our Just Durian Facebook page. Just 2 simple steps and you will get your order and deliver to your door step. Don’t KS only 1 fruit per customer if you are our top fans with badge you can buy 2 Durians. Song Boh. Lai Lai Lai. Towkay will give you a special price if you miss this offer but you still need to like and share our post in facebook. Terms and conditions apply