Mao Shan Wang Durian, Singapore

If you ever talk to people in Singapore and Malaysia about their favourite type of durians most will pick the Musang King or Mao Shan Wang or MSW.Typically this type of durians grow very well in Johore Malaysia where the climate is hot and with adequate rainfall.

If the durian is in fact cursed, I suppose the King of Fruits that was most affected was the delicious Musang King or MSW or Mao Shan Wang durian that Just fruits in Singapore provides the best of the best from the durian plantation in Malaysia. It doesn’t matter what you refer to the MSW or Musang King  or Mao Shan Wang as, whether you call it butter durian, cat mountain king or rajah kunyit, what most people agree on is that it is a firm favourite in the world of the durian fruit.

If you’re a fan of durians offering bittersweet flavours and a creamy, sticky texture, then the MSW or Musang King or Mao Shan Wang is the durian for you. As a connoisseur of durians you’d recognize that “red” or yellow flesh anywhere, and when you crack that husk open you know fine well that you have a great chance of one bit being incredibly sweet, while another piece offering a bitter flavour.

It can be difficult to be sure that the seller is really providing you with the MSW you so desire, which is why it just makes more sense to rely of Just Fruits that provides the genuine durians that serve for all of your durian needs. We work hard with our customers to ensure they receive the exact variety they want and we have a wide variety available, too.

So if you’ve got your heart set on that Mao Shan Wang durian then we can take care of you, we can also work with you to provide you with a variety that will fit in to your taste palate.To avoid disappointment It is highly recommended that you place an advance order through our website or SMS or call us direct so that we could reserve the Mao Shan Wang for you, its a guaranteed sold Out daily without failed.

The story behind Mao Shan Wang Durian, Singapore

Have you ever heard the story about how the first durian came to pass?

The story involves a king that is old and ugly, and despite being very powerful he was unable to win his young bride over. He begged his advisors to help him and they sent him to see a hermit who was dwelling in a cave in Mt. Apo.

The hermit wanted just three things: one item would be used to soften the heart of the bride, while another would make her kind and the final ingredient would make the bride see the king as young and good looking.

He secured the ingredients and raced back to the hermit with them, the hermit requested that the king hold a feast and invite him as the guest of honour, once he had won his bride over. The hermit then mixed all of the ingredients together, instructing the king to plant the concoction.

He did so and the next morning he found a tree bearing fruits that were so sweet smelling and delicious that when the king gave his bride the fruit she fell deeply in love with him.

As directed, he threw a massive feast in celebration, but he failed to invite the hermit. The hermit was so enraged that he cursed the fruit, the delicate smooth skin would be replaced by spiky thorns and the smell would be foul.

Well, sure the durian does have a strong odour and its skin is spiky, but if that was his attempt to curse the fruit he didn’t go a very good job, because it is absolutely delicious. It also happens to offer a versatility that not many food products can encompass.

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