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King of King durian or in mandarin  王中王, and why is it so?

That the most powerful name in durian where one might think this could be the best as the price is also one of the highest among the premium durians. The key reasons are King of King durian or 王中王 is that it is very scarce and it is originated only from Gua Musang where people use nets in catching the durian preventing it from dropping on the floor.

Once durian drop on the ground chances it may also crack open and it had to be collected almost immediately to prevent other pest or animals from attacking it. During rainy days the durian on the ground will be soaked in water if it was not collected. King of the King is different it will never land on the ground as it was cushion by the net the fruit will also be intact.

The flesh texture is smooth and creamy as soya bean custard and once you open the pungent smell will purge out from the fruit to induced your taste buds the first bite will come with sweetness followed by a lingering bitterness that stays on your taste buds before it flows into your stomached.

Not only that the seed is guaranteed small where you can enjoy the flesh as much as you wish. In general the price for the King of King is always 50% higher than Mao Shan Wang and most people tasted King of King may say that the taste is similar to Mao Shan Wang and not many people could taste the difference but in terms of smell and durian fragrance the King of King is a clear winner where it stood by the name.

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