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In fact, what goes better with cheesecake than ice cream? You can make the best durian ice cream ever to go with that delicious durian cheesecake.

This ice cream recipe is amazing because it contains just three ingredients and only requires two steps, sounds too good to be true? It’s not, but it is delicious! If you’re looking for a recipe that’s a bit more involved, then you could try this one here. It has just a couple of extra ingredients than the first recipe, but it still provides a deliciously creamy treat and it serves six. You can indulge in it on its own, or go ahead and add a scoop to the top of that gorgeous cheesecake you prepared earlier.

Combining the antioxidant packed durian in with your favourite treats is a great way to indulge, without the guilt that normally comes with it.

We offer a fair durian price, too, and not only that but we are happy to deliver across the island, better yet… we export it worldwide so that no matter where you are, you can get your hands on fresh durian. We vacuum pack our durians so that they stay fresh and the odour is sealed inside.


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