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Durian season is upon us, and all durians lover have to remember us if you cannot afford to give a miss you on your favourite fruit.

To avoid disappointment make a 2 days advance booking online is highly recommended and as for urgent delivery within 3 hours there will be a surcharge of 50% per delivery base on the durian weight (about  2- 3 kg per durian)

Singaporeans everywhere have been watching the calendar is an anticipation of hitting
the stalls in their local area to get their fill, but wait… save yourself the time and the crowds by ordering your durian and having it delivered!

Durian delivery is just one of the service that we offer here at Just Fruits and we happen to think it’s one of the best demand durian delivery services in Singapore. Because not only are your durians being delivered right to your door, but our durian quality and price are excellent. We deliver across the island (and we also deliver worldwide for those expats or locals who have settled elsewhere and still can’t get their hands on the good stuff).

We have the best mega durian plantation in Malaysia so that we can ensure customer satisfaction with every durian we sell. To guarantee our fruits are the freshest we work hard with the plantation to ensure that we receive them within 12 hours of them dropping from the free. Then we vacuum pack them to seal in the odour if it is air freight and maintain the freshness, so that no matter where you have ordered from you will receive the highest quality durians possible.

Whether you prefer them sweet, bittersweet, creamy or with a slight bite we stock a wide variety of durians so that we can fulfill your exact requirements. XO, Mao Shan Wang, whatever your “poison”, we stock them all.

The great thing about durians, apart from how delicious they are, is just how versatile a product it is. You can create your own recipes or stick to the usual suspects and make your own durian cake, ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies and pancakes. There really is nothing that durian can’t do.

With the added health benefits of this delicious fruit, there is no guilt involved as you pick and choose from our durian range. What better way to enjoy cheesecake, than guilt free by making it a durian cheesecake?

So, whether you are located abroad or you’re still in Singapore we can deliver right to your door. Just Fruits of Durian is ideal for you if you own an Asian market, a bakery, a shop looking to diversify, or even if you’re just a person that is seriously passionate about durians.

Get in contact with us to start a discussion about your requirements. We also cater durian buffets, too, so if you’re interested in hosting your own party then you should contact us immediately to make sure that you get your pick of the best durians we have available- you wouldn’t want to be disappointed and lose out on a particular variety because we’ve sold out.

We stock a dozen varieties to ensure that everyone tastes are fulfilled.

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