Durian Crepe Singapore

What goes better with coffee in the morning or tea break? Crepes, of course!

Durian crepes are the most popular as compared with any other crepes in the market and why shouldn’t they be, after all durian is the King of Fruits! Plus, other crepe doesn’t come with the health benefits that delicious durian does, so it really is a no brainer.

There are some truly epic recipes around for durian crepes, like this one that we offer. If you want to try something totally different, you could slip some durian paste, or puree, into your crepe mix to fully infuse that flavour directly into your crepes. We had been offering the top premium XO durian for your crepes, to give them that delicious cognac flavoured kick.

Every step of making a durian crepe require skill and patience to produce the thin layer by layer where it is also very time consuming. Due to this sophisticated process in producing that perfect durian crepe we only produced limited quantity daily and  it is only available in our online booking where we gain popularity from the word of mouth from our customers that had tried it. It is not uncommon that we had repeated orders with larger quantities from our existing customers

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