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We are the best durian supplier in Singapore where we are able to provide more than 10 varieties of premium or top grade durians (顶级榴莲) to our customers. We guarantee that all the durians are fresh from the plantation and we provide delivery service with a minimum order detail please click here.

We make ordering durian is so convenient and simple with just a few clicks and our customer will get the King of the Fruits durian delivered to their doorstep. This service is only for our customers that make an exclusive pre-order using our  online form or give us a call else SMS a short message and you can also whatsapp our friendly customer service team.

Our durians are mainly from western states of Malaysia and we own one of the largest durians plantation in Malaysia and also in partnership with a few mega durian plantation in exporting and marketing our premium durians around the world.
We are the expert in durians and we know where are the best grade of durians found in Malaysia.

Durian Singapore

Mao Shan Wang Durian – Johor Bahru and Bentong
XO Durian- Johor, Genting, Cameron Highlands
Green Bamboo – Johor
D13- Segamat, Johor
D101- Pahang, Johor



The size of our good grades of durians is between 1 kg to 7 kg and for the most popular Mao Shan Wang the size is ranging in between 1.5 kg to 5 kg with a price range of S$18 to S$32 per kg depends on the harvest during the durians seasons.

All the customers that order from us know that the top grade durians that we supply are of the butter creamy taste ,sweet – bitter taste, thick flesh, small seed and also comes with that unforgettable smell.

We also have the largest network of durians lovers and fans in Asia, where we could also provide them the durian fruits to where you want to be in both Singapore and overseas.

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We offer only the BEST premium grade of durian to our customer with satisfaction guaranteed.

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