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We provide both traditional durian cakes and also the western style durian flavored cakes. Both durian cakes are the “die – die” must try items. But to our surprised from the feedback from our customer that they voted the best durian cake in Singapore are the unique flavor of traditional durian cake from our secret recipe.

For those people that are new and not familiar to durian, the smell of this spiky fruit is not easily accepted for a start. For a good introduction on durian, we realized that there is a need to change their perception and repackage the durian into the traditional durian cake where they could also eat it chill.

durian cake ingridentsTrying the best durian cake in Singapore will slowly encourage them to adjust and adopt the smell and eventually fall in love with the King of Fruits. Our traditional durian cake is prepared with a secret recipe that comes with 2 version strong version for durian die hard fans and light version for newcomers.

The smell of durian was being diluted in the preparation and cooking process and it was well accepted by both locals and tourist.

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Another readers choice for the best durian cake we highly recommend our chilled oven baked durian flavor cakes that are suitable for all occasion as we use only the fresh ingredients available and durian is seasonal fruit so it is not always available.

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