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Best Durian Singapore – Your Healthy Choice

We believe that it is the responsibilities for everybody to stay healthy and eat healthily. I want to have a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet,  these are always the jargon that most people murmur during any conversation on health.

Eating durians is definitely one of the healthy choices in the list where there is an opportunity to look, smell and taste the King of the fruits durian.

What are the benefits of durian?

Durian is a fruit that naturally comes with high in potassium, iron, vitamin C , vitamin B and of course dietary fiber. It is a fruit that is suitable for all ages where it

Durian logo boost your immune system and prevent cancerthe best durian
Durian logo increases the red blood cell formation and the improve muscle strength
Durian logo improve blood pressure and protect against cardiovascular diseases
Durian logo improve digestion and bowel movements
Durian logo improve skin complexion and prevent premature aging
Durian logo improve signs of anemia and cure insomnia

Where to get the best Durian?

When we eat durian we definitely wanted to eat the best durian and most of the time we research from the news media, facebook or through the word of mouth recommendations from friends.

Most of the time popular durian stall is always packed with a huge crowd as anticipated you definitely have to queue and wait because as it is very labor-intensive and time-consuming in packing the fruits.

By the time when it reaches your turn, the durian of your choice might be sold out and the durian stall owners will upsell you with other grades and at the end of the day you have to give in as you had already spent time waited for so long so you do not want to go home empty handed.

No public transport was allowed to carry the durians so bringing the durian home by your car which also creates other issues, where the durian smell will stay behind within the interior of your transport which will leave behind be an unpleasant odor when you drive your car the next day.

Just Durian provide you the best solutions

Why would you want to waste your precious time driving to the durian stall, search for carpark lot and join in the queue for that durian?

Why do you have to waste money paying for the carpark, if you illegal parking you may even issue with an illegal carpark fine and sanitizing your car after buying durian?

If you hire us we save your time and money,  we make it so easy and convenient for you to order the best durian through our online pre-order form with free durian delivery service.

Why Just Durian?

We will never disappoint you, we provide only the best quality of durian and it is definitely value for money.

  • You will definitely get the durian of your choice
  • You do not need the hassle of driving to the durian stall and our stall is just in front of you
  • You save money on petrol, parking charges and sanitizing your car.
  • You save time from traveling and queuing up
  • You can make your order anytime
  • You can arrange the delivery at your convenience

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Premium Durian Types

We offer only the BEST premium grade of durian to our customer with satisfaction guaranteed.

Durian Event

We are experience in organizing durian party, durian event, durian feast and durian tour.

Durian Product

We offer huge varieties of premium durian products to cater for your needs.

Voices From Our Customers

When eating durians I Just need to buy the premium grade Mao Shan Wang durians from Just Durian.

They never disappoint me and guaranteed in delivering the very best durian without compromise on the quality.

Good Job Cheers!

Kenny Wong

My customers and friends were overwhelmed during the durian party they were overjoyed tasting the best durians

The price was reasonable and we got a chance to taste different types of durians like Mao Shan Wang, King Of the King, Green Bamboo, Red Prawn, XO, D24 just an awesome experience.

We will definitely plan this durian event again with Just Durian.

Durian Event

Just Durian offering my family the best durian. It is the special way that we could bond our family together with durian.

Our family members always come home for durian no matter how busy is our daily schedule as nobody wanted to be left out with regrets of not tasting the premium durians from Just Durian.

Lim Family

I only eat the best durians from Just Durian.

The uncle knows what I want, the sweet, creamy and smooth Mao Shan Wang is my favourite. If you put it in the freezer it becomes durian ice-cream.